simple scrapbook storytelling by suzyq scraps

Penguins. Cute little flightless birds … generally well-liked & enjoyed by people the world over. Except me. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I think they’re cute … maybe even adorable. I even find the penguin foursome in the Madagascar movies amusing & entertaining. But I don’t think penguins are very smart … at least, not the penguins I’ve been personally introduced too. But if not for the penguin, I may not have become a digital scrapbook designer. Confused? Let me explain.

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a zoologist. As an intern at a local zoo, I one day found myself on rotation at the penguin enclosure. The penguins crowded around me and the 2 zookeepers, slapping their flat webbed feet on the pavement as they hurried about, heads extended, beaks open wide. Of course, as the intern, I was handed a hose instead of a bucket of fish and I set to squirting the bird doo-doo off the man-made cliffs amidst the squeal of cheerful children watching the frenzied feeding of the penguins. A penguin affectionately dubbed Snoopy apparently believed anything taller than him possessed food. When I didn’t provide the fish he desired, he got my attention with a stabbing peck to my shin. I fully expected to see gushing blood when I checked my injury … but I saw nothing, and later only a bruise the size of a pencil eraser marked my insult. (No, I didn’t kick him.)

So see, penguins aren’t very smart … at least, not when they’ve been raised in captivity. And I can’t really blame them for my choice to pursue other avenues & not continue on the road of zoology … but it’s a good conversation-starter, lol!

Enough about penguins. Obviously, I am not a penguin. And I’ll bet when you clicked on “Meet SuzyQ” you expected to learn a little bit about the artist behind the designs, not be entertained by penguins. (Or maybe you were hoping for a chance to really meet me, in person. I’m flattered. If you really do want to meet the real me, look for me at The Original Scrapbook USA Expo in Utah in March, or at Digi Night Out events.)

Who am I? I am me. I am Suzy Iverson. I am wife to the love of my life. I am mother to my greatest adventures, a rambunctious 5-year-old boy who was born to move mountains (at least, mountains of sand) and a happy 7-month-old girl who I’m still discovering. I am a creator, a woman, a teacher, a leader, a designer, a writer, a dreamer. (See, I’m not all that different than you.)

I am an avid memory keeper and digital scrapbook designer, and I’m passionate about helping scrapbookers like you share your stories. You’ll find inspiring articles, helpful how-to’s, and fabulous freebies on my blog to improve your scrapbook storytelling — from the photos to the words to eye-catching page design. I also create versatile, high-quality scrapbook supplies so you can share your stories beautifully — digitally or printed. My goal is to enable you with simple tips, suggestions, & products so you LOVE what you create and can spend more time making memories.

Scrapbooking, to me anyway, is a creative & fun way for me to tell my family’s story & record happy memories (& not so happy memories) … and a means for me to share my journey with my children. I especially love digital scrapbooking — no more mess, no more ruined supplies, no more excuses not to scrap (’cause hey, it’s right at my fingertips, every day). Though this year I find I’m drawn to simple memory keeping and I’m eager to explore some pocket-project options.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey!